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La Moraine…

A beautiful restaurant and bar in the heart of Chamonix where you can enjoy a mix of traditional and contemporary cuisine leaving you more than satisfied.

Take a look at our menu where you will see not only the likes of local dishes such as cheese fondue, tarteflette and homemade fois gras; you will also see that our chefs are both skilled and creative with beautifully presented Travers de Porc or Dos de Cabillaud.

In the summer you can enjoy alfresco dining and drinking on our new terrace while watching the world go by or listening to the live music on offer.


The restaurant has was taken over in 2012 and renamed La Moraine. The establishment is based in a house built almost two centuries ago, handed down through generations of the Paccard family. A name infamous to Chamonix, Mt Blanc.

At the beginning of the twentieth century the Paccard family were ran a souvenir shop called “le Rucher” where they produced and sold honey.

In her book “les folles années de Chamonix. (si 1900 m’était conté)” by Gaby Curral- Couttet whose parents used to own the hotel “Beau site” opposite La Moraine. Gaby talks about her informative years and relationship with the Paccard family as well as what is now the restaurant.